Rick Thomas Quotes

5 Rick Thomas quotes:

"I have been there. It's a difficult situation knowing you're going to leave your family and be deployed for a year. Balancing family time with training is what our ultimate goal is, so that we can provide some training time, but never lose the priority."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"This is a talented group of girls. If I can get them to play like they did in the first 10-15 minutes for 80, I think we could be the best team in the state."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"He had some momentum, like he was running down hill. I flowed over and got my nose busted."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"I thought we outplayed them and really should have won, but we made some careless mistakes that cost us."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"It's hard; it's a lot of work. But all I've ever wanted to do is be a magician, and for a lot of places in Vegas, the way you get to the stage is to four-wall."
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