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David Rebovich Quotes

10 David Rebovich quotes:

"Citizens are not happy about the sales tax. They will not be happy about their property taxes going up, but people do indeed seem to understand the state is having hard fiscal times and solutions are hard to come by."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"In a situation where the state is facing budget problems, it's hard to convince voters that you can do a lot. If it was so easy to provide property-tax relief, surely they would have already done so. It's easier to attack."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"He's within striking distance. It looks like a competitive race."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"He is in trouble. It's been a summer that's been squandered. Can Doug Forrester in the next week or two rebound and refocus his campaign and start generating some favorable attention?"
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Young people will typically show up in larger numbers in national elections, when they perceive the stakes to be higher."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"There is typically a lot of turnover in school board elections. But especially when voters are angry and frustrated they'll throw the incumbents out of a school board."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Forrester wanted to be seen as the candidate of ethics reform. I think that's slipped away."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Ethics Quotes
"It seems this term would have been the crowning glory with the opening of the new arena. I think it's a surprise if he does not run."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"What this practice does is really put candidates on guard wherever they are, and make delivering speeches even to groups of supporters even harder."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Cory Booker wins handily. Booker has grass-roots support."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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