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David Moore Quotes

7 David Moore quotes:

"While visibility remains poor, we firmly believe in the long-term viability of the interactive marketing space, ... We are disappointed with the fourth quarter results as well as the revised forecast for 2001."
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"Compared to a year ago, advertisers, media buyers and publishers are far more knowledgeable now about what behavioral targeting is, what it can do for an online campaign, and how it can deliver better financial returns to both sides of the ad publishing transaction. As we move into year two, we anticipate that advertisers and publishers will reap even greater rewards as audience segments are further refined, and they become more proficient at being able to focus their behaviorally targeted ads on content areas where high responses can be achieved."
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"Despite initial criticism of the federal government's slow response to Katrina, Bush's overall job approval rating remains essentially where it was at the end of August."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"Even when they were close, I was still confident in our offense's ability to score,"
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"They indicated that they would close the case unless there were some other circumstances."
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"the direct response model, (they're) missing half of the advertising opportunity."
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"Video is the future of digital advertising - no other advertising vehicle combines the sight, sound and motion of television ads with the interactivity, targeting and measurability of the Internet."
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