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5 Randy Ort quotes:

"The jobs will get done. But it may take longer to do some of them, because we have a finite pool of money to work with."
Author: Ort Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"That's the next step that people will see."
Author: Ort Quotes Category: People Quotes
"That (call) will generate a letter signed by the head of the Highway Police and lieutenant of the Arkansas State Police. It's kind of a warning letter. It's to help raise awareness of the littering problem."
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"Design engineers are going to design the roadway to minimize impacts. Some people might say, my home or barn or business is directly under that line. Well, once the designers start, they might be able to design it to where that home or business or barn is not taken or impacted in that way."
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"We're having to scale back on some jobs. We have a finite amount of money. We'll make it go as far as we can."
Author: Ort Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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