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"Until a coach is hired, I don't think there's really anything those guys can do or would do. The new coach will have to decide if the recruit is the type of player that they want, and the player will have to decide if they want to play for the new coach."
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"Last year Duke had a monster recruiting class. This year North Carolina has a monster recruiting class. These two teams, with the way their personnel is rigged, should basically alternate Final Four appearances."
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"The way it was setting up the (recruit) class of 2006 season wasn't going to be make-or-break (for UC) anyway. I still believe the class of 2007 is more important. Following the end of the season, they need to move swiftly if they're having a fighting chance, because the region is loaded, and I'm not just talking about (North College Hill's O.J.) Mayo. To do that, a full-time guy, whether it's (associate head coach) Andy (Kennedy) or someone else. You have to give him a fighting chance. It has to be a swift mandate for Andy Kennedy or someone else."
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"Absolutely they're going to be young. But we're talking about youth and talent."
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"He's always a guy that spends a tremendous amount of time in the gym. He has the reputation that he could find guys and get them signed."
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"Darius is a big-time scorer. He has a god-given ability to find the bottom of the net. And he's proven he can score at the highest levels against the best players in the country."
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"This is a guy who enters college with a lot of tools just looking to polish it up. He needs the little nuances that come from playing in Lute Olson's program."
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"He refused to accept anything less than being big-time. His goals were to make Florida relevant."
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