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"There isn't much to intelligent design. These guys have this really deep-seated intuition that they can look at nature and see a designer at work, but the problem is they've failed to advance it to any kind of science so far."
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"It's like in mathematics, when dummies present the proof of a formula in a hundred steps and the genius does the same thing in five. It's the exact same process [in science communication]. The dummy takes 12 pages to explain what everybody needs to know, while the great communicator does it in a page and a half."
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"I've heard about $750,000 goes to Mill Race Crossing and about $100,000 to the city, plus there a few other grants that I don't know about."
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"It is trying to take a serious look at this issue, why it's come up and why it is so polarizing."
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"It's a great economic tool for our district. It's bringing $144 million worth of construction."
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