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Bobby Darin Quotes

42 Bobby Darin quotes:

"I have worked with a great many comedians as opposed to comics, although I have worked with comics as well, I make the distinction."
"My goal is to be remembered as a human being and as a great performer."
"A comedian's body is funny as well as his mind being funny, his whole personage is funny."
"Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover-up for insecurity. That's the truth. And on that note, I'll say goodnight. God love you."
"Everybody, sooner or later, will have to go under the knife. Let's hope they make out as well as I did."
"George Burns was the father I never had."
"I am now a turtle. Virtually everything I own is on my back and suffice it to say I am one ton lighter and therefore 2,000 pounds happier. All houses are gone."
"I could have a roomful of awards and it wouldn't mean beans."
"I dazzle you with that footwork."
"I decided I was going to give up singing and concentrate on acting, and a result of that, I didn't do another film for two to three years, and I don't blame it on anybody but myself."
"I don't care if I never do another TV show in my life."
"I don't know what it is to love the way they love-they would jump off a bridge for me. I can't do that. I can only say, I owe you."
"I don't want to be able to see the audience."
"I drilled holes in the floor of the club, and it's sinking."
"I'm a singer who moves like a dancer."
"I've done a lot of things and I've been a lot of people, but now I've come to realize who I am."
"It happens to the best of them. You lay off singing and your throat gets out of practice. No excuses. I blew it."
"It was as though all my hostilities, anxieties, and conflicts were in one ball that was flying away into space, farther from me all the time, leaving me content with myself."
"Mr. Burns is a father symbol to me, and you can omit the word symbol."
"My entire life has been a lie."

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