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Susan Kevorkian Quotes

6 Susan Kevorkian quotes:

"Consumers need to be able to get music in a place that resembles an online version of a music store, where they don't need to know which artist belongs to what label to find the music."
Author: Kevorkian Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Apple's history of innovative management, customer-friendly focus, and great industrial design would bring new life to the music industry at a time when it really needs it,"
Author: Kevorkian Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"The price point and form factor are likely to appeal to people who are younger and have less disposable income, and who are making their first home stereo purchase. It's less likely to appeal to people who have a home entertainment system."
Author: Kevorkian Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"This will offer Apple a way to test the waters for non-music video content,"
Author: Kevorkian Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"We believe this means there is a significant opportunity to transition those who are buying music in physical formats to online music services, We also believe this transition will occur gradually. Today, online services may still be a secondary or tertiary source of music for most music consumers."
Author: Kevorkian Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"This is still a very young technology and it will take time for the market to develop. But the bottom line is that people love music and this is an efficient way for them to get their dose."

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