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39 Herbert Hoover quotes:

"New discoveries in science will continue to create a thousand new frontiers for those who still would adventure"
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"Words without actions are the assassins of idealism."
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"All men are equal before fish."
"Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers."
"About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends."
"Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body - the producers and consumers themselves."
"I'm the only person of distinction who has ever had a depression named for him."
"No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him."
"In America today, we are nearer a final triumph over poverty than is any other land."
"America - a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose"
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"getting daily exercise to keep physically fit is always a problem for presidents."
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"It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own."
"About the time we think we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends."
"Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress."
"There are only two occasions when Americans respect privacy, especially in Presidents. Those are prayer and fishing."
"Children are our most valuable resorce."
"The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage."
"Wisdom oft times consists of knowing what to do next."
"The pause between the errors and trials of the day and the hopes of the night."
"You will expect me to discuss the late election. Well, as nearly as I can learn, we did not have enough votes on our side."
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