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"When you are a professional sportsman all the guys are great competitors in the top 50."
"When you are very little tennis should be fun, it should be a game."
"When you get to 15 or 16 and you are the best in your area or your country, you need to play twice a day for five or six days a week."
"You can be a little lonely because it's an individual sport."
"You should just enjoy it, but as soon as you decide that it is going to be your career, no matter whether you want to be a doctor or an architect or anything else, you need to work 5 hours a day."
"I'm happy because these are the kinds of matches where you're under pressure. At the start, they were very tight, but I'm happy the way they played and came out with wins."
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"The two matches turned on nothing. The biggest regret is for Arnaud Clement. He's very frustrated. He has the impression to have failed in his mission because his adversary seemed weakened physically."
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