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12 David Allen quotes:

"My opinion is that anybody offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard"
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"I look at 2005 as the year where, for the first time, Moore's Law continued but delivered more and more unique benefits in the CPU as opposed to just more speed. And I find that significant."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"The next time you want to hires someone and are evaluating performance and skill sets, look at the person's ability to get ready fast. When has she been really surprised (positively or negatively)? How long did it take her to integrate it and navigate a positive response?"
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"One of the things I've learned is how to use humor when I communicate. When I'm joking around with the guys and they can get a little bit of a laugh out of the situation, then they look forward to coming in there. . . . Most people learn better when they enjoy the learning process."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Humorous Quotes
"We are hoping to get through the season without any problems with local bears. Public lands are not the only issue, and we recommend people maintain their own lands too."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Beginning drivers seem to make a lot of jerky movements with the wheel. Actually they're making smooth movements to very short horizons."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"Decide the outcome and the action step, put reminders of those somewhere your brain trusts you'll see them at the right time, and listen to your brain breathe easier."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The management of PCs -- we're going to see some really nice enhancements in 2006 on the corporate side."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"If you have a son or daughter, there is a risk regardless of how you raise them."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Land on Mars' as a project still comes down to something like 'Call Fred about the Mars budget proposal' that can be accomplished as soon and as easily as any other activity in our inventory of work at hand."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"We played awfully well. I hate to say we could do better ... but I think most of the guys would say we could."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"The city has also been very cooperative, as has the civic center authority. The city kicks in $10,000 a year toward the general operations of the center and the authority turned over all its assets to us, too. We all have a vested interest in seeing our civic center stay open. It's a good facility. We want people to use it and hope it stays that way."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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