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68 Willie Randolph quotes:

"I'll be fine. I'll sleep well tonight,"
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"I've known Carlos for a long time. He's always been real steady, real confident and self-assured. He's quiet, a little reserved. You can't always get a read on a personality like that. But Carlos knows he's good. He knows how to handle himself. He has a plan and he's confident in that plan."
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"It's nice to see a young player use the whole field, use his power to all fields. That's something that's going to bode well for him in the future."
Author: Randolph Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"He's a young player, and he's got some potential. It's always nice to know what you have in your system."
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"[Floyd threw out another potential run at the plate, and Zambrano stranded seven, escaping a bases-loaded situation in the third inning.] Obviously, when you're looking at it, it's not too pretty, ... But the bottom line is we still had a chance to win the game."
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"I'm not sure what kind of timing [Matsui] has going. It's a different level. I think he's ready to go."
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"It wasn't his best performance, but he always finds a way. The best thing is that he came out of it healthy and feeling good."
"You should get better if you keep yourself in shape and still have passion for the game. That's why you see guys playing longer."
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