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"There is nothing that has arisen during consultation meetings to date that would require any extension of our due diligence process. We are comfortable with the process. There are still a number of issues which are open to discussion and finalization with the company but these do not require us to extend the consultation period."
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"This not only allows us to expand, but gives us a greater opportunity to exercise physical injury prevention and attract new clients as well."
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"Both Michael and I have both played a lot of ranking events but this atmosphere here and this enthusiasm is unique. I've never seen something like this."
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"We do a fitness evaluation to see what your goals are. We help you to meet your goals, finding any weaknesses or problems that you may have. A loss or lack of flexibility can eventuality create other problems."
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"I've put in hard word at the practice table in recent weeks, and it paid of. It is important to prove that your game is there - especially a few days before the start of the Grand Prix."
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