Viktor Yushchenko Quotes

27 Viktor Yushchenko quotes:

"This decision puts Ukraine on the verge of civil conflict."
"I am very happy that our Ukrainian people rose up and fought for freedom and democracy, and I think that we will have our victory,"
"We've stepped away from the goals of the revolution,"
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"The investigation must be conducted in a transparent and professional manner and in full accordance with law,"
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Talking about the values (of the Orange Revolution) is more productive than simply opting for harsh and incomprehensible opposition,"
"The authorities ... used the talks to cheat,"
"Millions of Ukrainian hands have built a democracy, and it has stood its test,"
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"The regime is afraid of the people because it knows that free and fair elections will bring about its end."
"We want work and we want honest jobs. Our minds and our hands will be our keep!"
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"We have filled in that gap in primary education!"
"I want people to feel that the government works in harmony ... (but) they lost the team spirit and faith, ... They remain my friends."
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"bury the hatchet and not violate the ideas of Independence Square because we stood there together and at that time we elected the president of Ukraine and not the prime minister."
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"For the first time in our history, Ukraine has a ticket to the world championship, ... I believe your achievements will make our country's fame grow."
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: History Quotes
"peaceful protests ... here until the end."
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Let each deputy here display his courage. I am counting on you."
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"There is only one conflict in Ukraine today and it is between the regime and the people."
"It was a case of my honor not to use Ukraine's budget ... privatization ... official power to solve private problems,"
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"I am setting before the new team one task -- the ability to work as one ... The moment is right when (the old team) have lost their team spirit,"
Author: Yushchenko Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"No one wants conflict or misunderstandings, ... If it appears, I'm convinced it must be met with honesty and courage, and given an absolutely balanced and calm answer."
"The conviction of our Ukrainian nation is embedded in the pages of its history."

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