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15 Garet Garrett quotes:

"Business is in itself a power."
"The winds that blow our billions away return burdened with themes of scorn and dispraise."
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"Is it security you want? There is no security at the top of the world."
"Formerly government was the responsibility of people; now people were the responsibility of government."
"If the great Government of the United States were a private corporation no bank would take its name on a piece of paper, because it has cynically repudiated the words engraved upon its bonds."
"If you put a ten dollar bill under the rug instead of spending it, that is capital formation. It represents ten dollars' worth of something that might have been immediately consumed, but wasn't."
"It is the function of the President, representing the executive principle, to execute the laws."
"Lenin, the greatest theorist of them all, did not know what he was going to do after he had got the power."
"Revolution in the modern case is no longer an uncouth business."
"The New Deal was going to redistribute the national income according to ideals of social and economic justice."
"The spectacle of a great, solvent government paying a fictitious price for gold it did not want and did not need and doing it on purpose to debase the value of its own paper currency was one to astonish the world."
"This is the problem for which revolutionary theory has yet to find the right solution, if there is one. The difficulty is that the economic interests of the two classes are antagonistic."
"To the revolutionary mind the American vista must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan's first view of China - so rich, so soft, so unaware."
"Well, where there is freedom doubt itself must be free."
"You do not defend a world that is already lost."

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