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46 Roger Federer quotes:

"I can't believe I did it so smoothly in straight sets. It's a huge relief, but there's still two days of pressure."
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"We'll really see after these two events, Indian Wells and Miami, how I'm really shaping up, if I'm still number one in the race."
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"Perhaps it's not quite as loud as somewhere like Italy or South America,"
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"I really got into watching Becker when I was four or five. I was in my living room and he was in his living room - on centre court!"
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"I'm happy with my performance. My movements were good, considering it was the first match of the season."
"Serving is so big these days that guys are going to start blocking their [service] returns more,"
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"This is a great comeback for me, ... I'm really pleased that I could beat such a quality player like this in the finals. These are the big moments. This is how it's going to be at the US Open basically every match. It would be nice to win as many Masters Series as possible because they are for me very prestigious."
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"I'm always late, I can't cook, I can't get out of bed."
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"At a young age like this, it is extraordinary, really. I'm a big fan of his game. It's something I haven't seen in - basically never."
"It was a great start, ... I am very happy the way I played."
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"I was so happy. Then I had to go up on stage and speak. This is really too much for me sometimes. It's just a dream come true every time I win a Grand Slam."
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"Today was a solid performance."
"I expect him to play a good match. I just have to make sure my performance is good and make it as hard as possible for him to win."
"I guess if it's better for the game, I have no problems playing with it. We really only can tell how it is once we've used it."
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"He beat quality players and he totally deserves to be in the final, you know. Maybe he's changed something in his game. In two weeks he's improved incredibly."
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"Early in my career, I struggled with consistency, but I couldn't get more consistent than this year."
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"I'm extremely, extremely happy to come through tonight. I never felt like I'd lose ? but he had me in trouble. I really had to fight."
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"At the moment I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that I will play on Friday."
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"I got his serve later on. I also thought he played pretty good under the circumstances against me."
"The danger is there of not knowing him and I have got to find out how he plays and what his preferences are. To be honest I don't even know his ranking but for me it is a challenge to get that first point for Switzerland."
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