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"I think it all comes down to Wal-Mart's aggressive advertising campaign, ... They are being much louder with their campaign, and I think they've done a good job of stealing the 'early-bird' holiday shoppers."
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"Even Wal-Mart, with their superior systems, their ability to analyze information, being able to predict sales down to the SKU and generate customer profiles, doesn't have good visibility of what's going on in 2001, which makes us concerned about the guys who don't have that ability,"
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"We knew today was going to be a disaster. What surprises us was how bad it was was."
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"Discount stores have really become an increasing portion of consumers' expenditures. Now there's talk of fluctuating energy prices, job layoffs, and people are looking for the best value possible. So we believe the discount stores are going to benefit disproportionately from the tax rebate. We expect Wal-Mart will be the leader in July."
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"Clearly they're the leading broad-line retailer right now. They're going to exit this environment with tremendous market share gain, and hopefully they'll be able to translate sales momentum into robust earnings momentum."
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"We believe our competitors have shown irrational exuberance with Christmas forecasts, ... We believe the average consumer is worried about higher gasoline prices, jobs and doesn't believe he will benefit from the stock market. With this climate, if you're just a 'me-too' retailer, you'll be in a world of hurt. The department stores will suffer but the discounters Wal-Mart and Target will do well."
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"Retailers that are not catering that well to the middle- and upper-income customers are going to have a tough time."
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"I don't think it's a Wal-Mart problem. It's a demographic problem. If you were focused on the moderate-income sector, you were disappointed."
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"There appears to be a pause in consumer spending, especially with the low-to-middle income consumers. The slowing sales also counterbalance positive economic data that show rising income and confidence levels and oil prices coming down. As far as sales go, this is a period where the consumer is taking a break."
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"[Retail sales have gone up and down all year, but we won't fully understand what's going on in the minds of American shoppers until the last Christmas gift has been unwrapped. The holiday shopping season accounts for 20 to 25 percent of all retail sales and is also a barometer for the coming year.] We're not out of the woods yet, ... Forty percent of holiday sales are wrapped up in the week before Christmas."
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