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Jeff Neal Quotes

9 Jeff Neal quotes:

"The governor feels that's a less egregious option than changing the constitution, but he still opposes both ideas."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Constitution Quotes
"Right now, the governor believes the state police are working through some of the management problems at the state fire marshal's office, and he wants to give them a chance to determine how the office is operated and recommend changes that are needed."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Nobody bought land around RFK. Everybody bought land around [the stadium site] in Southeast. The stadium site in Southeast stretches the development of the city. RFK has been there for 25 or 30 years, and there's no development happening around there. You don't want baseball to happen in an island."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We were planning on going to New Orleans for vacation about the time it happened. After it happened, it was definitely on our minds to do a fundraiser of some kind. We just had to find the right time to do it."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"If this ruling were to stand, low-level federal bureaucrats in Washington would have the power to decide what parts of the Ocean State should and shouldn't be under control of Rhode Island citizens."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"Right now it would be premature. I think we'll have a better picture of the state's ability to assist Portsmouth with the issue after he's submitted his budget."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The governor will not be bullied into silence by a private developer trying to make a buck off public resources."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Silence Quotes
"It is my understanding that the housing in Middletown is privately owned and managed. It is not owned or managed by the state of Rhode Island."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Understanding Quotes
"In the end, any vehicle that the governor uses will have to receive the approval of the state police."
Author: Neal Quotes Category: Approval Quotes

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