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7 Tom Fitzgerald quotes:

"I didn't know [it wasn't intended for use in a production environment]. We've used it in production, and it seems stable."
"I tell businesses there's good news and bad news. There's a labor shortage, and it's going to get worse."
Author: Fitzgerald Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"My understanding is they were just having a smoke (in the park), ... Apparently a dispute developed, there was a push, a shove and a shoot."
"With a live spiel, language becomes very important, ... The Jungle Cruise skippers are half the show."
"With a live spiel, language becomes very important. The Jungle Cruise skippers are half the show."
"We've all had explained as to what is going to be called. Players were on the rules committee, so we all have to adjust."
Author: Fitzgerald Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"I might try one, ... Just in practice. You know, I've always considered it. I've just never taken it to the next step. Never committed to it."

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