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54 Patrick Leahy quotes:

"At his age, we could see him for 25 or 30 years. This affects us, it affects our children, it affects our grandchildren."
"The Senate's advice and consent responsibility takes on an added dimension."
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"For us to remain on the proposed schedule for this nomination, we will need your promptest action on these suggestions."
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"I have become increasingly concerned that he's not showing a willingness or ability to be sufficiently candid and forthcoming with the Senate, ... And without that candor and without being so forthcoming, I would have difficulty in having confidence in his abilities to carry out the responsibilities of solicitor general and to be the voice of the United States."
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"The rest of America, including the Senate, deserves to know what he and the White House know."
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"The rest of America, including the Senate, deserves to know what he and the White House know. We don't confirm justices of the Supreme Court on a wink and a nod. And a litmus test is no less a litmus test by using whispers and signals."
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"Orrin Hatch is the only man in America who can sit there with a straight face and say they really want to go forward with the hearings."
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"I don't recall today whether or not I was in agreement with all of the analysis. But I don't have a disagreement with the conclusions then reached by the department."
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"So it ruptured in the opposite direction."
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"If there's a crisis at 2 o'clock in the afternoon or 2 o'clock in the morning, I don't want a president who's asked 'What do we do now?' say, 'Wait a minute, I'll call up a few advisers and whatever they tell me to do, I'll do,'"
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"Time-Warner can do their entertainment any way they want. But the news should be competitive and objective. And secondly, I'd want to see what happens in the cable business. An awful lot of cable users today -- whoever they get their cable from, feel they're being ripped off,"
"One that would be a bad argument against him, as far as I am concerned, is ... somebody suggesting that he is either anti-religious, or racist, or something like that, ... Those of us who know him know that that charge would not stick."
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"I sense that some may be seeking to use fear of the Y2K millennium bug to revive failed liability limitation legislation of the past."
Author: Leahy Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"These trap and trace orders, though, were not used to identify or record the contents of the communication,"
"will touch on the Microsoft situation but more broadly on how best to promote competition on the Internet."
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"But in my judgment, in my experience, especially in my conscience, I find it better to vote yes than no."
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"we should move cautiously so we don't have unintended consequences."
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"I would hope they would look at the record that was made during the last Congress going over his background, the number of times he was reversed on cases, the number of times he did not follow the law as laid down in his own circuit, and that they would say they could probably do a better choice than that."
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"It would be a mistake to be decided by Congress. It should be decided by the voters."
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"come on up here and make sure that the Congress will actually back up that money."
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