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"The doctors and everyone said it wasn't our fault, it's just something that happens, but you always blame yourself. You always want better for your child. We always kind of blamed ourselves. What could we have done better to prevent it, but there's really nothing you can do."
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"That's why I don't complain about football injuries. If Landry can go through what she went through, there's nothing on that field that I can't do."
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"This was a very important victory because we were without our coach, and it's very emotional. Guys came out and executed and played well. We had some mistakes we need to correct, but hopefully, we can keep going on and keep getting better."
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"The last two weeks, we've been without our coach. It's a big factor, and it's something we have to work through. There's no way around it. It's not like we can change the ruling or anything. When he is there, his presence is known. We all have to step up as a team and try and get a victory [tonight]."
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