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"I think they've had an incredibly great year with all the adversity they've had to deal with. You can't say it's the same team if someone gets hurt and they're not playing. That's not fair. You don't lose a guy to an injury or have a guy get shot. How bad a circumstance is something like that? That doesn't just affect one guy. It affects the whole program. Somebody's life is in danger, and you're distracted."
"Their ability to contest shots made it difficult to get the kind of 3-pointers we'd been getting."
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"Hats off to Florida. They played at a very high level. The greater the expectation, the greater the pressure, the more likely you will fall short. We'll just continue to be who we are and believe in the things we do."
"I don't think you want to create the expectation, now that George Mason has done it — they've broken the barrier, so to speak — now everybody else should be expected to do that. That would be the wrong message."
"I think what it might do is eliminate some of the lower-major programs from being in some major events. More quality schools are available now, and promoters of those are always looking for the best teams in this."
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"When the argument came as to whether or not we belonged, quite frankly I loved it. I think everybody loves the David and Goliath story. But most of the time, no one cheers for Goliath. No matter who we faced, it was going to be something that we were expected to lose. It was something that it motivated our guys."
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"David has not won the national champion-ship yet."
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"This season has been a lot about our consistency. We didn't have a lot of ups and downs. We learned some lessons in November and since then, we've played some very consistent basketball. That's what has separated this team because we've been able to play consistently well, even in the NCAA tournament against high-quality programs and teams."
"Circumstances do not dictate whether or not we follow that policy."
"I'm not going to judge based on the circumstances. I'm not going to be influenced by what the cause and effect might be. If I did that, I'd be changing my philosophy every single day. We can't live that way. We have to have a certain amount of core values that we live by."
"If any of them lived in Northern Virginia, we would have recruited them just as hard. I don't know why, but there are a lot of good players in Maryland who have shown interest in us. There were a lot of very good players in Northern Virginia we wanted, but for some reason they didn't have an interest in us."
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"We're the largest state university in Virginia. We've had two Nobel Prize winners. Our law school is ranked in the top 40 nationally."
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"Having the kind of support we received tonight, and what we've been getting since we started this tournament, we're all just loving it. It helped us get off to a great start."
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"What is the magic number -- 64, 65 or 128? I don't know where you stop."
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"It's been an absolutely fantastic magic carpet ride. In the movie 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' Butch and Sundance were being chased by these detectives. They keep trying to lose them. They can't. They keep asking themselves, 'Who are those guys?' That basically represents the George Mason basketball team."
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"We had a police escort back to the Patriot Center, which was really awesome. Then we arrived here. There were over 2,000 students and fans and friends of the program here to greet our guys. It was like a pep rally."
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