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4 Bob Turner quotes:

"I've had three dogs that I've busted sniffing my tailpipe. ... You won't find that with a regular diesel truck."
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"All of a sudden there's a big stimulus to the economy - interest rates are down, money supply has grown and oil prices are lower, ... From a macro perspective, the evidence states that the economy will recover, perhaps as early as the first quarter of next year."
"[Consumers, through a heady mix of equating patriotism with spending and being bolstered by low interest and finance rates, have kept the economy afloat despite increased layoffs and continued uncertainty. But they can't be expected to go it alone for much longer.] Consumers have been the only driver, ... Now we need the companies to pick up."
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"The current A.M.D. offer on chips is just better. What they offer is a microprocessor integrated with memory that is better than Intel's. They really got it right this time."
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