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Rod Slings Quotes

6 Rod Slings quotes:

"We do a thorough job of investigating incidents that occur, and we take that information and we put it into the hands of our 1,800 volunteer instructors. I attribute it to their hard work and dedication in getting that education into the classroom."
Author: Slings Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We do a very thorough job of investigating incidents and then taking that information and passing it on to our instructors so they know what to emphasize in their training programs. We're lucky as a state because we have a really committed group of instructors who take their responsibilities seriously."
Author: Slings Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We had a lot of injuries that were the result of individuals not following proper gun-handling safety precautions. We always stress that hunters don't point the gun at their toe and don't point a gun with the safety off."
Author: Slings Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"You pick up a gun, you pick up the responsibility. If someone falls behind, wait for him to get caught up. If someone loses a bird, stop and wait."
"Knowing what is behind your target is your responsibility also. When in doubt, don't pull the trigger."
Author: Slings Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"It was one of those cases that we always warn hunters about that you never fire if you don't know where that slug is going to end up."
Author: Slings Quotes Category: Fire Quotes

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