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Larry Todd Quotes

8 Larry Todd quotes:

"Someone is obviously helping them. They have the money and assistance to stay hidden."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"This man was beaten. He has a big gash on the side of the head. His legs have cuts and bruises on them. [Roland] beat the dickens out of him."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"There are people in the free world helping them stay hidden and get food and shelter and also in traveling, so we think the reward money, with the television program last night, will entice them to call and turn those people in,"
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"No one gets lost at this school."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: School Quotes
"She was not hurt. She stepped out, she took a deep breath, and now she is with her family,"
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"But everyone involved here has to know that you're dealing with an irreplaceable, nonrenewable piece of history."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We hope the high reward money will entice those people who have been assisting them in traveling and hiding. We believe these are the same people who helped them make good on the escape."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Our agents along with the San Antonio Police Department arrested two people that we believe without a doubt committed and facilitated the escape of the seven inmates on December the 13 of last year,"
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes

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