Gideon Gono Quotes

5 Gideon Gono quotes:

"If you invade a coffee, tea, cocoa, wheat or a fruit farm what you are doing is to undermine the productive capacity of this economy, therefore causing inflation,"
Author: Gono Quotes Category: Coffee Quotes
"We are a guilty party from a technical point of view, ... All we can do is to plead mitigatory circumstances to our arrears situation and pray that the jury will see for itself how genuine our efforts at self correction are."
Author: Gono Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"It is difficult to express the feeling of joy and relief, but also, there is a feeling of the weight of the decision, of the responsibility that lies ahead."
Author: Gono Quotes Category: Joy Quotes
"We have just one request, ... Our creditors and the international community should not take precipitous action whose effect is to negate the turnaround efforts currently under way."
Author: Gono Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This is the darkest hour before dawn and we should never underestimate monetary authorities' ability to deal with the adversity."
Author: Gono Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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