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11 Gil Brandt quotes:

"I think he has the ability to play much better than he has been. This is another guy who has to understand that he's now moving up a class."
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"I'm afraid he's in for a crushed ego."
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"When you say 47 percent out of the first 10 picks made the Hall of Fame, that's a high percentage."
Author: Brandt Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"No one wants the blame for the bad decisions and everybody fights for the credit on the good decisions, ... When you need a consensus, what happens is maybe this year I side with you and the next year I side with another guy to balance things out. That's not making the best decision for the franchise."
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"You've got a captive audience of all 32 teams, and that's something you don't have at (an on-campus session). If you do well here, there are a lot of people who take notice."
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"Mommas, let your babies grow up to be left tackles."
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"It's like a golf tournament where a bunch of guys are 10 handicappers and a few guys are zero handicappers. Thomas is a zero handicapper."
Author: Brandt Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"That shows the quality of their program. Very seldom do you even have one player who starts as a rookie."
Author: Brandt Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"I would imagine they are getting a reputation as a passing team. And Texas has a reputation now that they can go out and get anybody."
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"They both have a truckload of players, and very good underclass players. The mother lode is at both places."
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"You can have the talent at one level, but when you get to the next level, it just doesn't happen. It's like the young guy selling insurance. One year, he sells $6 million of life insurance, and then his bosses say, 'Wait until he really learns how to sell.' But then he's got a boat and a country-club membership, and all of a sudden, he's not as good. That's what happens with players."
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