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Mary Webb Quotes

9 Mary Webb quotes:

"Nature's music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions."
"The past is only the present become invisible and mute; and because it is invisible and mute, its memorized glances and its murmurs are infinitely precious. We are tomorrow's past."
"If you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path."
"We've had many other instances in history where (governments) had to re-jig expenditures to make sure that they stayed on course. That may be the scenario they're facing this spring,"
Author: Webb Quotes Category: History Quotes
"To many women marriage is only this. It is merely a physical change impinging on their ordinary nature, leaving their mentality untouched, their self-possession intact. They are not burnt by even the red fire of physical passion --far less by the white fi"
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"On the highest point of the bare opposite ridge, now curtained in driving storm-cloud, towered in gigantic aloofness a mass of quartzite blackened and hardened by uncountable agesFlat, white stones lay about like tombstones with no name, no date, no word of hope, fit for the nameless, dateless dead, beasts and men, who had gone into the silence of annihilation."
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Silence Quotes
"Saddle your dreams before you ride em."
"The divine egoism that is genius."
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"The divine egoism hat is genius."
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Genius Quotes

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