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15 Terry Francona quotes:

"It's hard to win doubleheaders. The idea is to make this into our advantage somehow. Because of the importance of these games, we're going to probably have a lot of guys play 18 innings. Maybe it'll be 20, maybe 22. Who knows? Whatever we're asked to do, we'll try to make it to our advantage."
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"It swelled up so quickly that it makes you uneasy. I don't doubt it (a Damon absence) will be for a few days, but that's better than the rest of the year. If anybody can play with pain, it's Johnny."
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"The comfort I have is our ability to play. I know that we will show up and play the next game, and that's what gives us the most comfort."
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"That?s real good news. If anybody can play with pain, it?s Johnny Damon. I don?t doubt it?ll be a few games, but that?s a heck of a lot better than the rest of the year."
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"I don't doubt he'll miss a few games, ... but that's a heck of a lot better than the rest of the year."
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"I thought it was another step in the right direction. He came in and got outs and gave us the chance to win."
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"We all love Johnny. We don't want him to get hits against us. The fans were just showing their emotions. I think every player out there would rather be in that situation than having fans that don't care. I've been on both sides. That's not good. It's not the end of the world. It's just some very passionate fans having some fun at somebody else's expense."
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"I've talked to him two or three times. I know he's really enjoying himself, [so] whatever those guys need. If they feel the need to get right back in there, we'll do it. If they feel like maybe they need a day or two to separate themselves and take a little blow with all the travel and excitement ... whatever they need."
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"He wanted to go and have a little catch and get the blood flowing."
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"It's (only) been one week, but we're trying to play winning baseball."
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"When the season is over, we want to be on top regardless of how we get there. A tough game tonight. Our job now is to show up tomorrow and be one run better instead of one run worse."
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"Yeah, maybe that's part of the reason I have some feelings or sympathy for people because of what they go through. At the same time, we're still playing them and trying to do right by everybody. We'll continue to do that as well as we can. We ask guys to show up and be professional and try to do that back to them, regardless of the situation."
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"It sounds kind of weird, but I?m kind of happy for him. He?s going out on his own terms. I think he?s comfortable with what he?s doing."
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"We're doing it now for obvious reasons, rest. We're trying to take whatever happens and make it to our advantage."
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"I wouldn't trade it for the world. Trying to be a little bit better than somebody else at what you love is a great feeling."
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