Paul Moore Quotes

5 Paul Moore quotes:

"It's going to be horrible. You develop a capability into the other side that puts information into your hands -- and somebody comes along and blows that up."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We're still trying to figure out what we're doing. We're a team that's basically started from scratch, so we've struggled a little especially against the teams we've played."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Fujitsu has embraced Tablet PC on more form factors than any other manufacturer because we see the value it adds to the healthcare industry. From touch screens to active digitizers, the diverse product line from Fujitsu delivers on the vision of Tablet PC. Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition provides a stable and reliable environment for deploying products, which is significantly contributing to its growing popularity in healthcare."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"I'm just afraid to walk in (to the pharmacy) and find a foul-up. I've lost sleep. I've been unable to eat."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Sleep Quotes
"If you can get the power in there and add a little bit of style, why wouldn't somebody want it?"
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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