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"We take so much pride (in blocking kicks), I just think last year we got a little complacent,"
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"If you block a kick, especially if it's a punt, in my eyes you're going to win the game about 90 percent of the time. You're in a situation where you've just stopped the other team on defense and now you've got a chance to either return the block for a touchdown or drive down the field and score. It can make for a 14-point swing. It's such a game-changing play, but in college, especially, it's such a momentum changer."
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"It's two outstanding teams. But [senior guard] Eric Hayes has such a calming influence on Potomac. They won't get rattled."
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"The potential savings achieved by moving to the lower-priced Aspen generic would be massive."
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"I was in Moldova airport and I went into the duty-free shop - and there wasn't a duty-free shop."
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