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"It's a great sport for a young shooter to get into. My advice is to practice, have a lot of patience and a lot of persistence. Remember that you're working against an adversary that has better hearing, better sight and better smell than any animal out there. And he uses all three, all the time."
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"Anything that enhances our ability to serve the public in case of emergency is a good thing,"
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"There are a whole host of challenges. The simple fact is that more demands have been put on the river than it can support."
"Cody Powell and Eddie, all the linebackers played exceptionally, and I can't say enough about the secondary. (Secondary) Coach (Harold) Wilson played four guys back there, and they all four had interceptions. Replacing eight guys, yeah, they've done a super job."
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"We've just not gathered the points our consistency of performance has deserved but everyone did their jobs and this time we were rewarded."
"Flu viruses are typically respiratory, but bird flu has been shown to attack intestinal tracts in animals as well. That affects the way pets can pass the virus to each other."
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"They're absolutely for real. They have talent and Tom has made a big difference."
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"My problems start when the smarter bears and the dumber visitors intersect."
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