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Marshall Acuff Quotes

7 Marshall Acuff quotes:

"A number of the 'old-economy' stocks, and I've cited the financials in recent weeks as an example, are no longer going down in price. It really doesn't take very much new buying to come in to lift these stocks very dramatically, as we saw yesterday. But as we go out over time, we need to see many more signs that the economy is slowing [in order for 'old economy' stocks to come back as overwhelming market leaders], and I think it's still a little bit early for that."
"All those people who were waxing so bullish early in the year are now finding out the reality, that growth is slowing."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"There is life outside the high-tech."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"This market is on a roll. As long as we have an environment of slow growth, low inflation, low interest rates, the market's going to go higher."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"More and more folks are pushing money towards the larger caps, maybe the mid caps as well, but they're valuing liquidity much more highly."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"We're going to get to a point where the market is going to stabilize. Keep in mind that really what's going on is that we're taking excess out of the market, and we're doing it in a relatively orderly fashion. In the long term, I think this is very healthy for the overall market. I would call it a period of rebalancing."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Investors shouldn't run away from the techs. The long-term fundamentals for technology stocks are super. So the strategy is to work into the area."
Author: Acuff Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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