Mark Holmes Quotes

5 Mark Holmes quotes:

"These hospitals are the smallest of the small, and it doesn't take much of a swing in the economy to have an impact."
"He advised us to not get in the water because of the chemicals possibly saturating the water that could hurt our skin and get into our system,"
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Our game plan is to continue to work with the government and our coalition members to further clarify what needs and how we can work together to best make those things happen."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"They thought they could manufacture in China because the labor is cheap, but the unpredictability of bringing the product over has become more costly. You have to look at the whole supply chain."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It was a culmination of several weeks of work and several months of research."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Research Quotes

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