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"Coming to America is becoming a national aspiration rather than simply reflecting abject economic conditions."
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"The whole idea that 'America has a 5 percent unemployment rate and therefore clearly we need lots of immigrant labor' is very foolish."
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"With the number of labor-intensive acres going up in California, their behavior does not seem to suggest that they see a labor shortage, even if that's what they tell reporters. Farmers always think there's not enough labor. It's a very unpredictable business. You can't control the weather. The one thing you can push for is a lax immigration program, or a guest-worker program."
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"Evidence suggests very few illegal aliens vote, but it's certainly not zero. Illegal aliens don't come to America to vote, and would generally try to avoid doing so."
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"Natives with relatively little education are leaving the labor market in droves. This should not look like this at this point in an economic recovery."
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"The ability of a state or local government to do a great deal about immigration is limited. No question about it."
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