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Jeff Tjornehoj Quotes

6 Jeff Tjornehoj quotes:

"There is so much stimulus sloshing around in the economy, it's bound to take hold."
"If you're more interested in an aggressive large-cap growth, this is the other side of the universe."
Author: Tjornehoj Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Performance varies quite a bit, although the sector funds have had a lot of success the past few years."
Author: Tjornehoj Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I don't think it's going to be a clear shot to double-digit stock fund returns for the rest of the year because financial services stocks still must show up for the party. The Federal Reserve remains the elephant in the room, and there is a building consensus that it will raise rates another quarter-point in May."
Author: Tjornehoj Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"They just keep going. There continues to be enough good news about the economy to keep people's hopes up. At some point, investors ... start to think of the safety of large caps to counter the coming downturn. Evidently, no one thinks that's in the offing."
"For an investor, it's a leap of faith that these ratings are accurate and predictive."
Author: Tjornehoj Quotes Category: Faith Quotes

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