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Steven Soderbergh Quotes

35 Steven Soderbergh quotes:

"[LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The movie business is] out of whack, ... The studio model has to be rethought."
"This is a genie that I think you can't put back in the bottle. The technology is available and the consumer, you know, is the one who is driving this."
"The ought to be a worldwide cultural taskforce that just stops you when you have ideas like combining The Red Desert with an armored car heist movie."
"I just produced Criminal, this remake of Nine Queens, and one of the things that appealed to me about Nine Queens is that it was a performance piece, and that's the most fun."
"Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering."
"I like to make all kinds of movies. I'd do 'Ocean's Thirteen' with the right script."
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"A movie that costs only $1.6 million doesn't have to be a cultural event to turn a profit."
"Making a film that's supposed to be fun to watch is really hard - that's the weird irony of it."
"Another thing that really excites me: I'd like to do multiple versions of the same film."
"But my sense in talking to people when I travel is that the film business is not that dissimilar from a lot of other businesses."
"I don't consider myself to be particularly gifted in the way that other filmmakers are gifted."
"I guess I didn't feel confident enough to be searching in a big public way. I was very content at the time to toil in obscurity on things that I thought might point me in certain directions or teach me certain things - not knowing what that would be."
"I guess why the Ocean's films are hard for me is because on the one hand you have to make sure the performances are there, but on the other hand it's a film that demands, to my mind, a very layered and complex visual scheme. That takes a lot of time to figure out."
"I love caper films."
"I think I'm good at amplifying an actor's strengths, and minimizing their weaknesses. And they all have strengths and weaknesses."
"I'm in the process of working out an arrangement to make some very, very, very small films in the midst of all these films and maybe that will help. But you get tired of talking. You just want to do it."
"I'm sure some people will say, 'Why do this?' And my response is, 'Why wouldn't you?' The film business in general is using a model that is outdated and, worse than that, inefficient."
"I'm very comfortable with failure. I'm very comfortable being the guy who disappoints people."
"In Full Frontal and K Street, I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides."
"Reality shows are all the rage on TV at the moment, but that's not reality, it's just another aesthetic form of fiction."

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