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Ralph Nader Quotes

40 Ralph Nader quotes:

"Let's say that the situation in your home town, where some say the trailers in the mud are deteriorating, is a special responsibility of yours."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Often you used the name of your home town as a metaphor for your 1992 presidential campaign, 'The man from Hope. Well, I am sure that many Katrina-displaced families now homeless, or huddling with friends or relatives or in shacks wish that you would give them some hope."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"It's just breaking us up. The heart that's been beating since 1906 couldn't make it until (Feb. 7). She put a lot of forces into motion directly and through her children that I think created a lot of improvement in our country."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Remember. Your purpose is not only to serve but to swerve."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"Why are these two men afraid? They should overcome their fear of facing new ideas and alternative voices, and open the process for the American people,"
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"MasterCard should lighten up, they are taking their name 'Master' too seriously, ... This is America."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Mr. James, you are in a unique position to stand up for the people who make the products you endorse and to make the world a better place in the process. You can improve their working conditions in the contracted factories and pressure the entire sports shoe and apparel industry to change,"
Author: Nader Quotes Category: People Quotes
"I used to think of California as in the vanguard. Now its school spending is among the bottom 10. We need to increase school funding by more than the trivial amounts being talked about."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Ford Motor Company's sluggish and piecemeal approach to its automotive responsibilities betrays motorists' safety."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"cleanup drive in Washington, to break the grip of the permanent corporate government that makes good people in the Congress not fulfill their own potential."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"send a message across the country."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"[On CBS's] Face the Nation, ... instead of a debate between the drab and the dreary."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"I think the American people are going to fall asleep watching the drab debate the dreary."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Greens all over the globe will need to develop the facilities of democracy for voters, workers, consumers, small taxpayers and the environment so that all people may participate in power to advance justice, peace and the pursuit of happiness."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"A seller-sovereign economy includes sellers who are monopolistic or oligopolistic without being confronted by the ultimate consumers who are organized in monopsonistic or ologopsonistic modes. It is an economy where enormous skill, artifice, and resources are used in getting consumers to buy what the sellers want to sell, notwithstanding the availability of more efficient, safe, economical, durable, and effective alternatives, including that of buying nothing at all."
"Power has to be insecure to be responsive."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Power Quotes American Lawyer Quotes
"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Energy Quotes American Lawyer Quotes
"President Reagan was elected on the promise of getting government off the backs of the people and now he demands that government wrap itself around the waists of the people."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: People Quotes American Lawyer Quotes
"There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes American Lawyer Quotes
"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes American Lawyer Quotes

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