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Kimble Forrister Quotes

5 Kimble Forrister quotes:

"Both Rep. Knight and Gov. Riley played critical roles in making this happen and they deserve praise along with every member of the House who voted for it."
Author: Forrister Quotes Category: Praise Quotes
"Alabama taxes low income people deeper into poverty."
Author: Forrister Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Mostly it's just a matter of how you get things done in an election year."
"That's only $5 a week but this is a family that's just right on the edge of survival. They're below the poverty line. So $5 a week adds up to a real decision about the food they eat and the clothes they buy."
Author: Forrister Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"A family of four earning $15,000 annually will have a $260 savings. That's a meaningful amount."
Author: Forrister Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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