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29 Sven Eriksson quotes:

"Obviously I'm very disappointed for Michael. It's very bad luck for him and for Newcastle United."
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"I think he is a long-term name. He is a very big talent."
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"He seems like a different player and very mature in his way of playing. He's a huge talent and has been doing very well for us"
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"I expect a lot of long balls to James Quinn. They have a very busy midfield so I expect a difficult game. When we're talking about Wales, about Northern Ireland, it's a dream for those countries to beat England and we have to deal with that."
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"Did I ever doubt that Beckham should carry on as England captain in the future? No way. I have never doubted that. Of course, I appreciate his apology. I haven't read it exactly, as I was with the team. But that's very good."
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"The priority is a sage, inspiring, leader-by-example who is unyielding in principle and valor."
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"Every time France doesn't win a football game it is a surprise. I think they (Croatia) played very, very well and it will be a tough game on Monday for us."
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"Many times the words I say don't come out in the papers. I could have as many examples as you want."
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"I always want to entertain."
"His ability was an inspiration to everyone who loves football."
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"This will be the players' home and set the atmosphere as we prepare for all of our games. Hopefully this hotel will be the launch pad for us to achieve success in Germany."
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"People are always asking that a person should be perfect. Wayne is a genius as a player - he has everything - and he also has a temperament. But you can't ask people to be perfect."
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"It's a great partnership. Michael Owen will score goals for them and it's great that he can play together with Shearer,"
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"Of course they are a pack of lies."
"The importance of this win is enormous. The performance today was up and down. We knew it would be a difficult game and that Wales would fight for every ball."
"I spoke to Michael today and he said he had some pain but he had a scan today and they said that's normal. He was very optimistic, very confident that he'll be okay."
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"We had a long chat, the agreement was very easy, they are going to do everything they can to get him fit as quickly as possible. We know, of course, it is a serious injury."
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"He will be fit, I am sure about that. We will have time to get the fitness we want."
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"If you are a Swede living in Sweden, Portugal and Italy you don't know much about cricket. We don't understand, we have never played it. If you live in England, you should go to see it at least once to know something about it."
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"I am very excited about this World Cup. With the blend of quality, youth and experience we have in our squad, we are confident of beating any opponent."

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