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"They've scheduled two hours debate on a trillion dollar tax cut. That's crazy."
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"This is a Bart Simpson Congress: underachievers and proud of it."
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"Don't let them fool you that we have a deal. We don't. We're not going to have a rush job here and vote for that much of a bill that we haven't read,"
"There is now widespread agreement that this measure will do next to nothing for the American people,"
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"I think now that it's passed, we need to let it go into being and then see the problems and then try to fix them,"
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"And politically he has to stand the consequences with his constituents in California, who he is going to talk to in the next few days. But to rush to judgment now and say we know this or that or the other, we don't know a lot of these facts. A lot of it has been rumor and innuendo."
"Our plan will help families and businesses cut energy costs now, ... It will make America a world leader in energy efficiency, through our bottomless capacity in innovation and new technology to improve people's lives. We will create traditional and renewable sources of energy without sacrificing the environment and our children's future."
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"We believe that he's [Burton] disqualified himself because of the way he's conducted himself; he has not been shown to be impartial and objective; he has put out hundreds of subpoenas without a vote from the committee for the first time in the history of the committee; and lately he's been putting out edited transcripts of what should have been confidential conversations, but he's gone the further step of editing them to make them look bad for the administration,"
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"We must take immediate action to maximize the safety of all Americans, ... It is a debate about meeting the needs of our country now, not waiting for several months."
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"My hope is that we can effectively and expeditiously receive this plan from the president, work it through the Congress, and try to make it a reality as quickly as possible,"
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"In an era when our gravest security threats are covert, when troops must be committed on the basis of scraps of intelligence, not flag-waving invasions from overseas, how can we compromise the integrity of our word?"
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"I think if you get an amendment that exempts those two things, Social Security and a capital budget, you have an amendment that is workable, ... That will not be harmful in case you get into a recession."
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"a reality as quickly as possible."
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"The words are not particularly helpful, ... Obviously, this stuff gets in the air and stays in the air and it is small in nature, which means it's milled. You can call it anything you want. It's not safe stuff."
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"We are in a situation where we need strong bipartisan support in the United States to try to deal with these problems, ... Our highest priority is to make sure a weapon of mass destruction is not used here or anywhere."
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"I disagree with him about the budget and [most-favored-nation status] for China. We've had some trade differences since I came here. Otherwise, he's supported me on just about everything."
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"We gain courage and effort and a desire to work with you from what you have done, ... We are trying to be ... half as good as you have been in what we do."
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"Obviously, if he has broken rules or done something that's wrong, he will have to stand the consequences, ... Meet the Press."
"America needs a serious economic discussion that brings in the best minds and a wide variety of opinions focused on the best way to create long-term economic growth and opportunity for all Americans."
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"It is a weekly, and now daily, drumbeat of rollbacks of hard-fought and hard-won progress to protect the air and the water and the wilderness and the environment of this country. This is the most alarming rollback in environmental efforts that we have ever seen."
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