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16 Richard Jefferson quotes:

"Do we get an advantage if we're 3-1? Mental advantage my [butt]. I'd rather give them the mental advantage and we have home-court."
"He understands what the coaches want, understands different people's game and he really understands his own ability. He's a lot more aggressive."
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"Any team coming in has the ability to beat us."
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"We knew we had the ability to beat good teams on their floor. So we knew if we could just establish some consistency (at home) we could string together some wins."
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"Businessmen... were not born chief executives. They were often people first."
"I try to be as efficient as possible."
"I'm insanely optimistic. For odd, weird reasons, things always work out."
"Just because he had an off night when all eyes were on our team doesn't mean that we have to question what we do and what we did to get here."
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"He received criticism from the media, he received criticism from different people, but it wasn't from anyone in this locker room. It wasn't from anyone in the coaching staff, because we believed in him and believed that he had the right intent."
"I have a lot of faith in my teammates and coaching staff. There are no major moves. We'll find a way. Somehow, someway, things will come up roses for us."
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"Hey, we've been playing the same way the whole year and we've been successful. I believe in my teammates. I believe in my coaching staff. We've been playing one way, all year long."
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"I was teasing him in the guts of the game. Hey, are you going to make a shot? That's the way we are as a group. We have so much confidence in each other, there is no need to get on anybody."
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"Coming into this series, he wasn't really known as a defensive stopper. But he's been coming in and giving us unbelievable minutes on Stevie Jackson. He's been in the passing lanes. He's been a great defender for us."
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"We've shown improvement and I believe our schedule gets a little more favorable. If we keep everybody healthy, I believe we can (win 50). I think we're going to be a team that makes a real good push. Sometimes, people forget about what we can do."
"The ball was moving, to tell you the truth. It was drive, drive, pass, pass and then somebody had an open shot and we just knocked them down."
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"It's tough to put it into words. And that's something that's rare for me to say."
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