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"He looks like he has the ability to run between the tackles pretty well. I've seen him bounce the ball outside with some speed. I don't think he had many opportunities to be successful in the game. I think from what I've seen I've been encouraged by him."
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"I can't think of a bye week we went into healthy, ... I think organizationally, we take full advantage of the bye. The philosophy whether we're going into the bye winning or losing, I've kept the same philosophy - how many days we're going to work with the players, the coaches' schedule, our research analysis, the changes we need to make."
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"(The doctors) feel pretty confident that his head is going to be OK. We're just going to see how he feels with his back in the morning."
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"The things you don't have control over, you don't worry about. I have control over my attitude, my perception, how I do things, and you do the very best job you can. Other people have control over other things and you let them do their jobs."
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"I didn't have a whole lot of choices. The doctors have held (Hunt and Jackson) back, so my choices have been limited,"
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"I didn't have a whole lot of choices. The doctors have held them back, so my choices have been limited. So what do I do from here? Well, we get them on (the field), we continue to condition them, we try to get them in the game on Thursday night against Tennessee, try to get them ready. I can just deal with the options that are available to me, and these are the options. Do I like them? Not necessarily."
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"For him to want to stay at the game over going to the doctor's was ludicrous, ... But, he wanted to be at the game and be a part of it so much."
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"He's in much better shape. We know we can count on him. Last year he got hurt and the weight was a factor . . . I believe. We know we can depend on him this year. He's come back and been very accountable and that's very good. He looks like a player."
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"We took shots downfield but you can't force balls. It's very difficult missing a player like Javon, and we should still have been able to take shots down-field."
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"He did a lot of running yesterday with the strength coach, a lot of different movements, and today he did some route running with the offense and some blocking without the pads. He did all the functions of a tight end."
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"No, you don't expect the mistakes to come from the guys that you've always been able to depend on. Sometimes it gets to the point where guys are pressing a little bit too hard. That may be the case in regard to Favre."
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"They missed the call, ... It's bad enough you have to deal with the mistakes you make; we have to live with our mistakes. Now, we have to live with somebody else's mistakes. That makes it tough."
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"We want to add a fifth receiver if we can. I don't think our philosophy - mine or Ted's - is to just to go out and get somebody to get somebody. But if we can get someone who can come in and help us, (we will)."
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