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Richie Sexson Quotes

6 Richie Sexson quotes:

"It's funny because earlier in the game, I'd had a single with Raul (Ibanez) on second base and he didn't score, ... We were joking on the bench. Reeder said he would have scored on that one. And then later he's on second and he doesn't score. It's just one of those things. We didn't think any more about it."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"We've been struggling to get hits. But we've tried to stick with our game plan. We've been putting our struggle down to the fact we've run into good pitching."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I don't think it was where he wanted it. He doesn't throw beach balls."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"He's smart and he's got the ability to throw a pitch where he wants it. He's a student of the game. Guys who are younger should be hanging around his locker because he knows exactly what to do to every hitter."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I'd like to believe so. No one can ever say with certainty who's going to go to a World Series. But you have to come to the ballpark every day convinced you are going to win."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"The truth is that this is the worst I've ever felt at the plate for this long a period of time."
Author: Sexson Quotes Category: Truth Quotes

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