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Ozzie Newsome Quotes

7 Ozzie Newsome quotes:

"No one is the same player at 31 that they were at 26. But you never lose that leadership. It gets better as you mature because you have seen so many things."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Are there different opinions and views from me to Brian, from Brian to [director of player personnel] Phil Savage , from me to Phil Savage? Yes. But there's always going to be a consensus. And somebody has got to have the authority. Two people can't have the authority or nothing gets done."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"I have to constantly tell my personnel staff, 'Hey guys, we're still a good staff even though we're allowing good players to go play for other people,'"
"[Not only must a team be willing to part with draft picks to facilitate a trade, it must meet the long-term contract demands of James or Alexander. That might mean a signing bonus in the $15 million range.] Everybody understands the value of the running back, ... But also everybody understands the life of the running back in the National Football League. You don't want to get caught in a position where you pay a huge amount, then an injury happens."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"Martin Luther King Jr. preached equality. Coach Bryant practiced it."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Equality Quotes
"Yes, we could be enticed to move that pick before we get to the 13th. Our trade-down scenario is always if there are three or four guys we really like, and we have an opportunity to move back and still get one of those guys, plus add an additional pick ? again, from an organizational standpoint, that is the right thing to do."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"Back then, we realized we needed an influx of young talent, ... We are approaching the 2002 draft in that manner."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Talent Quotes

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