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"Roy can be as good as anybody in the league. Charles has as much downfield ability as whatever is out there. He's not up there with Randy because he's not as fast. But he's pretty fast. And Mike is a huge man who runs well who doesn't know what he's doing."
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"Sometimes Rod says some things, and I start laughing, because it's stuff that has been said a thousand times through my past. It came out of the mouths of different people, but it becomes what you are. So when I hear him, I get a kick out of it."
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"We have to be better on our offensive line. Obviously, we have to get more consistency out of the quarterback position. We need more consistency out of our receivers. Defensively, our secondary has got to be better. And I want to get more consistent pressure out of our front seven."
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"This is more of a passing league than it's ever been. That said, there's a huge upside with our potential."
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"I believed that this was a roster that was capable of making a playoff run, and I still believe that."
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"Leaders are never appreciated or needed until you don't have them,"
"Youth is not an excuse anymore. We're faster, we have more talent and we have more potential."
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"I think where we're sitting, there are enough quality players that someone may be interested to jump up."
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