Jarvis Cocker Quotes

7 Jarvis Cocker quotes:

"The things in my songs are the edited highlights of my life. I don't go seeking out strange sexual experiences every day of the week."
"I like bossy girls. I don't like girls who just do whatever they think you want them to do, and follow you around trying to please you all the time."
"Its OK to grow up, just as long as you don't grow old. Face it you are young."
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
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"Part of what tonight is about is to keep the spirit of John Peel alive. To seek out new music and champion new talent."
Author: Cocker Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"We've always been a bit out of touch with reality."
"Because if you give everything away then you become a kind of non-person."
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