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"We can do a better job with our discipline."
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"He's got a little magic going right now."
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"I thought the goalie was really good early when the rest of us weren't."
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"He's been outstanding, so he's making it as hard on the coach as possible. That's a great thing."
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"He's got a little magic going on right now. But he goes to the net hard and he competes hard, and that's what he does. He just drives the net every time. We know, and he knows, he doesn't want the puck until he gets to the paint."
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"There's adversity; what are you going to do with it? Are you going to turn it into a positive ?"
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"We need to reestablish our work ethic and get back the fire we need to win games. As far as I'm concerned, the playoff race starts Oct. 8 in Dallas. You can't make the playoffs in the first 20 games, but you can be out of it after 20 games. So for me, it's all about establishing that work ethic again in a hurry. I just keep telling the guys that, too -- so much that they think the record is stuck."
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"Just like everyone here, I'm shocked at our situation. It's hard to look at our team and think we didn't do a lot of good things to prepare for the playoffs and you would expect to have success."
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"He's a huge talent, and so far I've been very impressed with him. After spending 13 years in Detroit, it's going to take him awhile to get used to what we do, and for us to get used to what he does. We're not trying to change him, but we want him to play within the scheme we play. He's very explosive, very talented and seems very conscientious. He's more in the monitoring stage of observing what we're doing, but once he catches on a little more, then he'll be at the front."
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"Can you imagine how good you must be for them to do that? This is Canada. They're saying you can't wear that number. You must be pretty good, and pretty good for a long period of time. How good must you be?"
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"Good for him. He's played hard, he's practiced hard and when he's on the ice, he's determined out there. That's great for him. It's fantastic. He should feel good."
"That's quite a statement. I just think when you make general statements when you don't know, you're probably not doing yourself any favors."
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"We made some mistakes,"
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"We watched in on the replay a bunch of times. It doesn't look like that big a deal. ... I'll sleep easy tonight and we'll have a report tomorrow. He'll be fine."
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"We just did a good job on the specialty teams. They (the Blue Jackets) played with a lot of passion and urgency. (But) what do you do when your (the Blue Jackets') power play isn't putting them in, and the other team is?"
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"He has the ability to score, the question is if he can do enough of the other things to get playing time. You score when your coach is confident enough to put you out there enough to let you score. The bottom line is all he has to do is be a little responsible. I'm not asking him to check the No. 1 center in the league. If he sits in his end even a little bit, he'll be OK."
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