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"It's kind of the evolution from the days of fan clubs, with famous people meeting fans and signing CDs and gear. Now we are able to offer something more interactive. It's the kind of opportunity that doesn't exist in other forms of media."
"Xbox Live really started out as an online gaming service on the path to becoming a major entertainment network. This is the latest chapter the big first step in that mission for us."
"Our ambitious goal here is to build Xbox Live into an online entertainment network. The announcement of our deal with Epic Records is a big step in that direction."
"Record labels and movie studios are coming to us and trying to figure out new ways to reach their consumers. They?re coming to us because the 18- to 34-year-old demographic - which is their core demographic - is becoming harder and harder to reach."
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"Can you imagine a book signing or a line for autographs where 20,000 people stood waiting in line? We know there is a lot of interest, and it created a lot of excitement."
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