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"Each day is another adventure, ... We have complex cross currents working in an environment where we have a nasty and negative tone."
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"Warren Buffett has shown the ability to endure. He hasn't lost his touch."
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"Most of the retailers are watching their advertising dollars very carefully. This is not going to be an easy period for retailers but it could be worse. Tax refunds are certainly playing some positive role in consumer spending patterns."
"Enron's quick collapse touched off more aggressiveness by regulators and prompted them to dig more deeply into executive dealings."
"Enron's quick collapse touched off more aggressiveness by regulators and prompted them to dig more deeply into executive dealings,"
"Rate hikes bite different sectors of the economy at different rates. For example, one of the key areas that was hit hard and appears to be slowing down is housing. Consumer spending will take some time to slow down, maybe three to six months out. But in any case, what the Fed is targeting is                   GDP of 5 percent this year and a GDP hopefully next year of closer to 4 to 4-1/4 percent."
"the expectation is there will be a fairly strong stream of earnings disappointments in the second quarter."
"Events like this bring things to a halt and raise a level of shock that is difficult to describe, ... This is a huge catastrophe and it's one that has no parallel in history."
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"While the president may be in trouble, the U.S. economy does not appear to be in trouble as of now. We have a positive economic backdrop, with low inflation, low interest rates On balance, the American economy, while slowing down, continues to be strong."
"Investors are back to looking at the economy, corporate earnings, and unfortunately the continued saga of corporate shenanigans,"
"Bargain hunters are surfacing today. The feeling going into next year is the economy is going to slow down."
"We have more profit warning jitters as the U.S. economy appears to be slowing,"
"It's the higher multiples that have put off buyers for now, ... If the economy slows, it will affect technology stocks."
"It reaffirms the fact that it wasn't just the outcome of the election that weighed heavily on the market -- it's concern about corporate earnings and the more-than-frequent flow of profit warnings coming from some of the strong companies, ... Earnings disappointments are overpowering the election results for now, particularly in the financial sector."
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"We are in an environment which clearly seems to benefit from a 'feel good' phenomenon."
"We're beginning to come out of a recession. It's now a matter of just how meaningfully the economy can recover over the next quarter or two,"
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"I think it's a trading rally from an oversold position, ... I don't think there's a lot of conviction behind it."
"Investors are being cautiously optimistic. There's a desire to put money back into the market based on a feeling that the worst of the economy may be behind us, ... However, there's not enough evidence of that."
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"The market has weathered a poor earnings period and increased anthrax anxiety and has come out of it pretty well. I'm encouraged. The imminent economic stimulus package and Federal Reserve cuts are providing further encouragement,"
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"Traders and investors feel more comfortable with the value sector of the market, ... What we're seeing is a two-tiered market."
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